Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A spoken word: Fresh

my heart is empty and restless
i've lost my lover and my love went with him
i do not need either to be found but
new ones to be brought
give me something new to love,
to pine, to worship or date or discover
the difference
i am new! i am fresh!
i am newly unselfish!
but i am bored with me and mine

but don't give me someone new to break
i've moved on, i'm gone up
above petty and cruel and all the words they said
that were mostly true

give me a new heart, then
one that beats for more
than thrills and drinks and a wisp of poetry
give me a heart that runs on good knowledge and
maybe a sip or two, a soft kiss,
a camera lens, a kind face

oh for Christsake, give me a new spirit
a sense of purpose without the self importance
so rarely accomplished
but i have heard it done
by one
whose name i've just used

i am new! i am fresh! I am newly selfish.

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