Saturday, December 5, 2009


Love defined seems like this
(to me- today)
someone to whisper my secrets to-
in the dark, under cotton covers
my mind is open and lips are parted
the world comes tumbling out
and my leg is bare and you are in love
with both skin and voice
and how they slide over and
wrap around you.

...but we have whispered feverish poetry
to intemperate statues
thrown up pearls at the feet of false gods
those more interested in legs than lips
and we must admit
others have spilled sonnets into
our own cold, alabaster ears
and truly, truly
we heard nothing...

(if we could go back
maybe I could hear the words you spoke
maybe they would turn me from stone
but that is Regret, not Love)

Love defined seems like this
(to me-today)
Someone to whisper their secrets to me
And i will drink them in through
warm, pink ears you can kiss and
i will bury them in a heart
you chose to love
and hold you with skin
that is like anyone elses except
it is mine and yours.

and when all the world sees gray,
I will look to you and very gently, very softly say
you will nod and
hold me closer and this
seems like love
(to me- today).

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