Thursday, October 29, 2009


fresh light, fresh fire

all around me


is it spring, is it heat?
the pressure of space and breath
between you and me

steal my cold with a kiss
and your lips, your look

your eyes are shy
and so are mine

this languid, this melting
inside you and I

so long, so long
i've waited to touch
one who loved to
touch me

break my heart, make it right
i promise, i promise-

i'll care this time,
i'll be more careful with me
this is new-

new light, new fire

all around us


1 comment:

  1. Just as a warning, this won't be eloquent in any sense, but holy shit!

    I loved reading this. It felt like over hearing a bit of gossip. Very honest and very visual. I'm way to entranced to question your inspiration. For right now I'll just assume you've come across a new photo spread of Hugh Jackman.