Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work Correspondence

Emails sent to my entire department:

Hi All!

I have missed all of you terribly while I was on
vacation (sorta)
LOL. Anyway, While I was out of my office a fellow
co-worker took it
upon themselves to care for my heater so that it would not be
lonely. And I appreciate that, however, now that I am back, I
would like
it if that person can see to my heater making it back to it's home office.

Thank you so much!
Giena Small

Giena then came to my office and stole it back, as I was the perpetrator. So I then write:

I am absolutely appalled! I just got to my office, and MY heater
that I found lying around last week is gone as well! Unbelievable!
I'm really disappointed in whoever enacted this travesty of justice
and temperature control.


Kate King

So then my boss...

Toby Williams wrote:
From now on if you all are too cold, GO GET A HEATER, or, and if you
do BORROW, someones heater please return at the end of the day.



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