Sunday, March 1, 2009


This week I was going through the Relent and Respond workbook, and it brought up some great questions about friendships. So this week I had to sit down and think about a few of the people I have been spending my time with. I have had to tell people that have been very important, empathetic and always available for me in the past few months, that I now need to move on.

Fiona, Ryan, Damien and David, you are all lovely people. It's not you, it's me. I think I need to be around people a little more uplifting. But I wish you the best, and promise to financially invest in all future projects.

I am now pursuing relationships with the following:

The most incredible song:

Also, this video is dedicated to Alicia, Megan and Jordan.


  1. you better know they are all going to write break up songs about you now.

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  3. Damien is probably going to commit suicide. Have you heard his music? It would seem that you're the 50th girl to leave him. - Sean

  4. I am also saying goodbye to these fine musicians, plus Jeff Buckley, Kate Nash, and Ray Lamontagne. God, I'm a heartbreaker. Bob Marley and Derek Webb on repeat from now on.

  5. Goodbye to Stars. Particularly "Calendar Girl" and "Personal."

    Ummm, can I please marry Sufjan?