Sunday, March 29, 2009

poetic snapshots

when i pray
i fight the battle of outward verses within
for guidance in a foreign land
with enemies and allies
and I know
you lead me through the twists and turns
over the pit falls
(i have dug)
past the bridges
(i have burned)
into a place of victory and freedom
free from restriction
o God, you take me through the jaws of destruction


i am small tonite
but my thoughts are so big
they rush through me
Freedom: at any cost
Redemption: when all was lost

these words are bigger than me
deeper than, more than me

we are your canvas, your words, your clay
the master creation by the master creator
nothing out of place or mistaken
you created nothing more beautiful
than portraits of you
masterpieces in cubicles
wasting away in our churches and malls
seeking and not finding in bars and other hearts
give me a passion for your art, Abba
remind me-
we are your glory, your prized posession
We are your majestic view


and how i used to burn for you
my love would be a flame for your fire
and how i would shine and yearn
for this lover-messiah, rescuer, redeemer and father
and i was one flame in a world of fire
and now
and now
and now
i am tired
and now i am a spark
ignite me
restore me
burn away a heart of lies
burn away a girl who is sad and tired
and reveal a woman of fire

(love song to the devil)

you were almost majesty and you almost had me

lover, you should have come over, indeed
but that is not my story
my heart is alive, my body is not cold
my love is waiting
is vibrant and beating
along with my skin, my kiss
the last goodbye
to turn into
the first hello
and hello, hello, hello
to you
stranger, you should come over

1 comment:

  1. "you were almost majesty and you almost had me."

    Great f-ing line.

    The one before love song to the devil and the one after are my two favorites.