Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a good night

Last nite was so wonderful, it must be recorded in various ways. I will first fill you in on the phone conversation that started it all.

Kate: Hey Jenna! Are you coming over to the house?
Jena: Oh, ummm…well, I mean, you have plans and Jen is really tired so-
Kate: You’re moving to Spain in a month, I’m canceling my plans.
Jenna: Yeah, but if you guys are really tired, it’s cool.
Kate: I’m not tired.
Jenna: But you already made plans so-
Kate: I said I’m canceling my plans. Are you coming over?
Jenna: If you guys are tired…
Kate: I don’t understand why we keep having the same conversation. Do you not want to hang out?
Jenna: No, I do, but …uhhh…-
Kate: I’m done with you. Talk to Jenn.

Even though we were fairly sure she was trying to brush us off, Jen and I stormed the Dey house. BKenny, Jamie, Sean, Jenna and several dogs were constructing some fat beats. I cannot describe how wonderful the Dey siblings are. We figured out that there was no way in hell Jenna was leaving to come to our house. Wise life choices. It was the best night I’ve had in forever.

We have two (2) videos, several songs, and I will now construct a written account.

The songs include such illustrious titles as

Viking {expletive}
The Never Ending Man Smell
{expletive} Your Happy Place

So a few posts ago, I wrote about my happy place. My best friends hate me and therefore don’t check my blog, so I read it aloud to them (video number 2). Jenn immediately starts bitching about how she’s not the pastor in my happy place. So I kicked her out. In my updated and revised new happy place Jenn is doing nails. Take that. I kept screaming at her ‘It’s my happy place! Mine!” To which Jenn shot back, “{expletive} your happy place!”

Naturally, we wrote a song immediately. Sean on synthesizer and lead vocals, I did excellent harmonies and Jenn brought a screamo touch to our creation.

We then reaccepted Christ as our Lord and Savior and talked a little bit about that, what it meant to believe in Christs sacrifice.

We ended our jam session with an ode to Denny’s, by Jenna and Sean. Jenna ended a freestyle rap off with, “eggs and grits, bitch!” and we left.

The entire night Jenn and I were joking about eating disorders, which we agreed was fine, since everyone talks about me having one. Well, Jenna disagreed. So every time Jenn cracked a joke about me throwing up in the bathroom, Jenna’s lovely face would screw up and she would wail:

Kate! This is your liiiiiiife. It’s not funny!

Jenn and I totally disagreed.

We got in a lively debate on whether or not we could currently joke about AIDS or Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. My stance was unswerving, if you have AIDS you can joke about it, and Abe Lincoln can joke about his own death and I can most certainly joke about eating disorders. Again, general disagreement from Jenna. There was a short silence in the car, which Jaime broke with the following statement:

Well. The Jews are funny.

We all lost our shit. Also, Jenn was trying to get me to remember a conversation we had in the car earlier, to which I said:

Jenn, that was two wines and a vodka ago.

I love my best friends.

I feel a joy today, maybe it is residual, but everything is beautiful. Several of my friends are coming to new thoughts, or old ones, I suppose. I feel like a lot of people have been in a dark place, spiritually, emotionally, for a while now. I am seeing spring approach. I see a spring coming in almost all of my friends, and I am so very grateful for it.

I see Sean becoming the type of man he admires.
I see Brian taking chances.
I see Jaime desiring the spirit more and more.
I see Megan breaking out of her boxes.
I see Alicia not taking anymore of her own shit.
I see Laiza coming home.
I see Nate and Beth mending something in our community I didn’t quite know was broken until they came back.

1-3 "Come on, let's go back to God. He hurt us, but he'll heal us.
He hit us hard,
but he'll put us right again.
In a couple of days we'll feel better.
By the third day he'll have made us brand-new,
Alive and on our feet,
fit to face him.
We're ready to study God,
eager for God-knowledge.
As sure as dawn breaks,
so sure is his daily arrival.
He comes as rain comes,
as spring rain refreshing the ground."
4-7 "What am I to do with you, Ephraim?
What do I make of you, Judah?
Your declarations of love last no longer
than morning mist and predawn dew.
That's why I use prophets to shake you to attention,
why my words cut you to the quick:
To wake you up to my judgment
blazing like light.
I'm after love that lasts, not more religion.
I want you to know God, not go to more prayer meetings.
-Hosea 6

I am excited to be alive. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Jahred, whom I adore. I miss Bradford. I am excited to be working on these short stories. I have my first counseling session today, yay for progress.

I also really love the growing blogging community. I don't miss facebook at all. It's cool/creepy to know what people are doing, but what I love about this is to know what people are thinking, writing, working on. I love it. Keep on keeping on.


  1. I went back to counseling on Monday. Man, that's some hard stuff. I've got my idea for my short story, but I've got to get grad school stuff taken care of first. Oh and expanding that one poem.

    P.S. I love you.

  2. Posts like this make me miss Orlando.

    Not for Orlando. I would never miss that place.

    For the people.

    Sean, Jenna, you, Nate and Beth are five of the most wonderful people I have known. It is tragic I didn't get to know Sean and Jenna better before the move. The time I did spend with them resulted in fond memories. Especially the time spent with Sean.

    It is also tragic that you all live so far away.

    However, I will not move back there. The only solution is for everyone I love to move out here. I think it's a brilliant idea.

    I will call everyone and inform them they have six months to get their shite packed and moved.

  3. I adore you, last night and the joy that you have or at least the joy you had during the writing of this blog. I know joy is a swelling and it comes in goes so that we can miss it.

    I don't really have much to comment, i just knew i wanted to type in this little box titled, "POST A COMMENT".

    I like the things you "see", with those specific people.

    I love that sewing brings together, rather then pulling apart, and that sewing is a process, it is a process, a delicate process.

  4. Jonny Atlas. I don't know if I'm made for L.A. I'm a New Yorker at heart. But we need to make movies, so L.A it will be, sometime in the future.

  5. i wasn't even IN the happy place. puke on you.

  6. You took your shit to Australia!

  7. my in-laws are here. lets get together asap and talk about your happy place and what is broken in the community. pleeeease set me free for a time. thank you. and pray that i have love for the mil.

  8. that night is what dreams are made of.

    also unicorn dust probably makes dreams too.

    and the real house wives of new york city.